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Morton County Says Their Facebook Page Was Not Hacked, but Some Claim It Was

Morton County Says Their Facebook Page Was Not Hacked, but Some Claim It Was

Last night I got quite a few messages from you readers about strange messages on the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page. Here is a screenshot sent in by one reader: I actually did not see this myself. Believe it or not, I have actually been trying to take some time off this holiday weekend.

Photos: Hundreds of #NoDAPL Protesters Attempted to Block Railroad Tracks With Burning Truck, 25 Arrested

Earlier today I posted about #NoDAPL protesters blocking railroad tracks near Mandan. This evening I can provide more details courtesy of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department. “Law enforcement responded to protest activity west of Mandan today where 350 protesters blocked interstate commerce on the BNSF railroad resulting in 25 arrests, many of them felony charges,”

Photos and Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Launch Shore Line Confrontation With North Dakota Cops

As multiple media outlets are reporting, the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters once again clashed with North Dakota law enforcement, this time on the banks of the Cantapeta Creek. They were trying to access shore line land owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and, beyond that, private land making the the Cannon Ball Ranch. This is

Google Web Results for Morton County Sheriff Now Describes Department as “Gestapo”

Looks like someone has been goofing around with Google’s search results. Right now when you type in a search for the Morton County Sheriff’s Department you get a helpful card from Google which describes the department as the Morton County Gestapo: There are some pretty ugly reviews posted too: I don’t think this is anything

Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Scuffle With Journalist, Surround Car Preventing Them From Leaving Camp

Yesterday I wrote about filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Magdalena Segieda posting on Facebook that they had been assaulted at a #NoDAPL protest camp and prevented from leaving. Morton County officials confirmed the incident, telling me last night that a deputy had to rescue the pair from the camp. Today I can present you with some video

Over 85 Percent of Arrested #NoDAPL Protesters Are From Outside of North Dakota

Yesterday there was a standoff between #NoDAPL protesters seeking to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline and law enforcement when the latter group blocked Morton County road 136 off Highway 6 near St. Anthony. The protesters, as is their wont, were headed to a work site where pipeline workers were engaged in lawful construction activities. These pipeline workers

Another 21 “Peaceful” #NoDAPL Protesters Arrested Today for Trespass, Possession of Stolen Property

According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, another 21 protesters fighting to block the Dakota Access Pipeline were arrested today for charges including resisting arrest, trespass, and possession of stolen property. Per the press release, it also seems as though there was an incident where a protester on horseback menaced a law enforcement officer, prompting