Google Web Results for Morton County Sheriff Now Describes Department as “Gestapo”

Looks like someone has been goofing around with Google’s search results. Right now when you type in a search for the Morton County Sheriff’s Department you get a helpful card from Google which describes the department as the Morton County Gestapo:

google results

There are some pretty ugly reviews posted too:


I don’t think this is anything Google is doing. The search giant lets users suggest edits to this sort of information, and I’m guessing the #NoDAPL protesters have organized an online campaign to get this done.

Which speaks to the maturity level at least a faction of the protest movement is operating on.

I agree with this sentiment from Twitter:

What North Dakota law enforcement is going through right now is ugly. They have a mandate to enforce the law, but most do so while working with protesters who seem to want violence and conflict for the sake of advancing their political agendas.

It’s a no-win situation. Their choices are to let the protesters get away with vandalism and violence and trespass or give them the conflict they want.

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