Another 21 “Peaceful” #NoDAPL Protesters Arrested Today for Trespass, Possession of Stolen Property


According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, another 21 protesters fighting to block the Dakota Access Pipeline were arrested today for charges including resisting arrest, trespass, and possession of stolen property.

Per the press release, it also seems as though there was an incident where a protester on horseback menaced a law enforcement officer, prompting the officer to an “appropriate show of force.”

The cops are also now armed with an armored vehicle and non-lethal “bean bag” rounds:


There was also an apparent incident where the protesters claimed there was a plane flying overhead dropping mustard or tear gas. Morton County investigated and concluded that it was a crop duster.

No, I’m not making that part up.

There have now been 95 “peaceful” protesters arrested in south central North Dakota. Each one, I think, eroding whatever moral standing the protest movement once had.

Here’s the full press release:

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