Video: New KFYR Anchor's First On-Air Words: "F**king Sh*t"


Tonight was KFYR anchor A.J. Clemente’s first broadcast. Per his posts on Twitter, he was a little nervous:

And per his performance on air, he was definitely a little nervous, dropping the f-bomb just as he came on air:

Afterwards, he seemed to have at least a bit of a sense of humor about it:

Better luck next time, AJ! But the big question is, will the FCC excuse it as they did David Ortiz’s profanity earlier this weekend? Or was AJ’s not ok because it wasn’t “from the heart.”

Update: According to KFYR’s Facebook page, AJ has been suspended:


Seems like a big overreaction to me. And just so we’re clear, Monica Hannan will suspend a cub reporter for a bit of nervous profanity, but she’s just fine with her station spiking higher ed stories when former Chancellor Bill Goetz asked.

They’re total professionals down there at KFYR.

Update: More from AJ: