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Rep. Glassheim: "I'm Happy To Give You Pleasure"

Rep. Glassheim: "I'm Happy To Give You Pleasure"

A moment of accidental levity this afternoon during a heated debate over oil taxes. Rep. Eliot Glassheim (D-Grand Forks), requesting permission to ask a question of Rep. Dave Drovdal (R-Arengard), accidentally brought down the House with laughter. As an observer of the state House, I think Rep. Glassheim may be my favorite member. I think

Video: New KFYR Anchor's First On-Air Words: "F**king Sh*t"

Tonight was KFYR anchor A.J. Clemente’s first broadcast. Per his posts on Twitter, he was a little nervous: Alright News Director and GM checking out my tape that we shot yesterday. Seeing if i amready for anchoring…..Awkward Turtle……. — A.J. B (@A_John88) April 21, 2013 And per his performance on air, he was definitely a