Video: Miss North Dakota Thanks Lawmakers for Opposing Abortion, Says State Isn’t “Against Women”


From time to time during their session lawmakers have people stop by to address the House or Senate floor.

Today Macy Christianson, who is Miss North Dakota for 2016, spoke to the state Senate and got a little political with her remarks.

“One aspect that I love in particular about being a title holder is that I represent such an amazing organization, yet I’m still an individual that can stand for things that I’m passionate about and that matters to me,” she told the Senators. “I have immense respect for our state for having taken a stand for what I believe is right in regard to abortion. I have had people tell me that North Dakota is against women and our rights. I have to disagree, because not only do we support our women but we support our women who are unborn and can’t speak for themselves.”

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That’s a courageous thing for Christianson to do, and I’m glad she did it.

Too often the left tries to shoehorn all women into their political narrative, as though the only way to be supportive of women is to adhere to progressive orthodoxy, and that’s not right.

There are millions and millions of women who are Republicans. Who are pro-life. Who voted for Donald Trump for President.

I don’t know what Christianson’s politics are, beyond her comments about abortion, but kudos to her for being willing to break out of the ideological mold liberals cast for women. I’m sure she’ll get some flak for thinking things the left feels women ought not think, but it’s high time we all stopped caring so much about the identity cages politicos try to herd us into.