Video: George Sinner Bombs In Debate Again, Cramer And Seaman Shine


Political debates are kind of hard to handicap. The performance largely hinges on what sort of policies you want to hear out of the candidate and, thus, how well each candidate articulated those policies.

It’s hard to say – especially at the state level – how many people even bother to watch these things. Mostly I get the sense that it is political junkies like SAB readers who really get into it.

But they are an opportunity for voters to see the candidates mixing it up in a largely unscripted setting, and that’s good. Except for Democrat House candidate George Sinner.

It is not very good for George Sinner, who seems nervous and uncomfortable and generally irritated by the whole proceedings. That’s how he came off during the WDAY-hosted debate with his opponents incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer and Libertarian Party challenger Jack Seaman. And that’s certainly how he came off in this Prairie Public debate.

Jack Seaman, once again, did a fine job. I don’t think Seaman has a chance of winning, despite the hopefulness of his supporters, but it is nice to have an articulate and engaged third voice in these races. He’s really doing a good job for Libertarians in setting a precedent for their involvement in these debates which they are all too often excluded from.

So-called “third party” candidates often get a bad wrap in American politics. Seaman is helping to shed some of that reputation for Libertarians in North Dakota.

Cramer, too, did just fine. It’s Sinner’s stinker of a performance that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The less this guy is on television, the better it is for his campaign. And radio too, for that matter. Someone sent me this link of Sinner getting testy with callers on Todd Mithcell’s KFYR radio show.

Maybe the campaign would be better just presenting the idea of George Sinner to voters, while keeping the reality locked away somewhere.