Video: College Students Sign Petition To Ban Pressure Cookers


After pressure cookers were used in the Boston bombings, a lot of political wags (including this one) cracked jokes about the need to ban pressure cookers. Because that’s the logic which goes into pushes to ban guns after shootings, right?

One national manufacturer of pressure cookers even pulled their products out of Massachusetts in the wake of the bombings.

Well, turns out a lot of people don’t think it’s such a silly idea, as this video of “Liberal Chick” pushing a tongue-in-cheek petition to ban pressure cookers proves:

It just goes to show that you can sell just about anything to the masses if you frame it the right way, though there were a few who saw through it.

My favorite part? The guy on his way to a final in his “history of the Beatles” class.

I wonder how much in student loans he’s ran up.