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David Owen: A Solution For The Student Debt Problem

David Owen: A Solution For The Student Debt Problem

As many parents know, society and communities are facing a largely uphill battle when it comes to the costs of educating their children. As a direct result of increased lending power given to students, and federal subsidies, the cost of college education has skyrocketed in the past decade. Furthermore, student debt has continued to rise,

Study: Subsidized, Government-Backed Student Loans Make College More Expensive

A new study indicates that government policy aimed at making higher education more affordable has actually made it more expensive. Given our federal government’s adventures in the home lending market, this shouldn’t surprise us. Government-backed and subsidized home loans creating the housing bubble which collapsed in 2008/2009 with a serious impact on our national economy.

Ryan Taylor, Candidate For Ag Commissioner, Wants To Take On…Student Loans?

KXNet.com – Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson-KXNEWS,ND When Ryan Taylor announced that he would be running for Commissioner of Agriculture against Republican incumbent Doug Goehring many political observers, including this one, saw that race as immediately competitive. Taylor had said previously that he wouldn’t be running for anything in 2014, but was drawn into the race after Goehring drew

UND Students Get Settlement Emails Over Controversial Student Loan Debit Cards

In 2008 the University of North Dakota, lead in the matter by Associate Vice President of Finance and Operations Peggy Lucke, contracted with a company called HigherOne to disburse financial aid dollars to students in excess of what they owed the university. HigherOne, which UND still uses to this day, gives students the option of

Absence Of Profit Motive Is Exactly What's Wrong With Student Loans

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is on a statewide tour aimed at ingratiating herself with college students by talking about the student loan issue. In the Senate Heitkamp has opposed introducing some market forces to the heavily-inflated student loan market,and here in North Dakota she’s seemingly arguing against any sort of market forces for student loans. “Everybody

The Cost Of Student Loans Must Go Up

Last month House Republicans passed legislation which would tie interest rates on student loans to US Treasury notes, with a cap at 8.5%. This would have the effect of introducing at least some element of market forces to the student loan market. Democrats in the Senate have a plan, not yet voted on, which would

Half Of College Graduates Working Jobs That Don't Require Degrees

I graduated from high school a little over ten years ago, and what I remember of my discussions with teachers and guidance counselors about my career was that college was a necessity. Without it, I’d be doomed to a career of flipping burgers, but with it I’d slide easily into the path to prosperity. Of

"It’s simply not true that all high-paying jobs require a college degree."

Back in December I posted about data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which showed that only one of the fastest-growing professions in America required a college degree. Today Forbes contributor Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry notes the same number, and suggests that the path to prosperity doesn’t have to lay through a college campus. And that jobs

The Average ND Student Pays $1,100 Year For Textbooks

Today the state Senate considered two resolutions – HCR3009 and HCR3013 calling for study into the use of open textbooks. The idea is that moving to open textbooks would lower the cost of books for students. And the price is pretty outrageous. Senator Larry Luick, in carrying one of the resolutions to the floor, noted