UND’s proposed gender inclusion policy is almost certainly going to inspire lawsuits


MINOT, N.D. — Last week, I wrote about a proposed policy at the University of North Dakota which, if implemented, would require everyone on campus, from students to faculty to visitors, to use a person’s preferred gender identity and pronouns. It would also require that a person be given access to gendered facilities like bathrooms and lockerroom based on the gender they identify.

Per UND spokesman David Dodds, the comment period on the proposed policy closed on Friday, Oct. 22, and final discussions are now taking place before it’s submitted to the school’s executive council before being submitted to President Andrew Armacost for signature.

The process has been a quiet one.

“If you had not wrote about it, we probably would not have learned about the proposed policy,” Christopher Dodson, general counsel for the North Dakota Catholic Conference, told me. “A number of students and interested persons missed the official deadline for comments, which ended Friday.”

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