ND Department of Health cuts off Facebook comments; anti-vaxxer cranks threw a hissy fit


MINOT, N.D. — Want to feel cynical about the state of humanity in the year 2021? Go and read the tidal wave of vitriolic whining that’s been set off by the North Dakota Department of Health’s decision to cut off comments on its Facebook posts.

The statement put out by the department says, starting Tuesday, October 26, the comments will be cut off for all posts and topics, but their statement also says the decision was made as a way to stem the flow of misinformation.

We can safely conclude that this is about COVID-19 and vaccines. The anti-vaxxers have been using the department’s Facebook posts as a platform for their nonsense, and the department apparently decided they were under no obligation to provide a venue for the ignorant.

And, hey, they’re right.

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