Here’s a thing you could do to shine some light in the world


MINOT, N.D. — When I first started writing on the internet, the topic wasn’t politics but snowmobiles.

I got my start writing about politics in my early twenties when I started a blog that would go on to be the foundation of my career, but long before that the internet and its possibilities for sharing and communication intrigued me.

When I was a teenager, and because I was an inveterate nerd, I spent my free time building websites (my favorite platform was Yahoo’s now-defunct GeoCities).

Being a kid, I didn’t have a lot to say (that came later) so I made one about snowmobiles. My favorite models, etc..

It even got some media attention. Keith Darnay, then working for the Minot Daily News, wrote about it in his Internet Explorer’s Club column.

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