UND Nickname Votes Apparently Being Sold Online

fighting sioux

If there’s one thing we learned from the first round of voting on the University of North Dakota’s new nickname it’s that turnout was low, and apathy was very high. In fact, just roughly 27 percent of eligible voters even bothered to cast a ballot in the first round.

I’m not sure what that means for a market to sell those votes. On one hand, there are clearly a lot of votes not being used. On the other hand, given the low turnout, that may mean that supply has already outstripped demand.

But some enterprising UND voters are trying to turn a buck anyway according to Valley News Live:

A second vote gets underway Monday for a new UND nickname but a An UND alumnus wants something to be done about several postings on craigslist offering to sell voting rights.

As of Monday, there was at least three separate posts on the site.

Each offering to sell votes for hundreds of dollars.

Only alumni, donors, season ticket holders, staff and students have the right to vote on which nickname the school with take on.

I found four postings on Craigslist when I searched, ranging from $150 to $400 (the latter selling three votes). Here’s a screenshot (click for a larger view):


Even assuming these listings are real, and not just some idiots – ¬†perhaps fans of a rival school? – out trolling, it’s hard to imagine anyone paying hundreds of dollars for a few votes that aren’t going to make much of a difference in a vote that has lackluster turnout to begin with.

Still. What a circus.