U.S. House candidate Cara Mund holding fundraiser at home of former Democratic-NPL chairman


MINOT, N.D. — Former Miss North Dakota, and former Miss America, Cara Mund has entered the state’s U.S. House race as an independent taking on Republican incumbent Kelly Armstrong.

Along the way, she has specifically eschewed partisan affiliation. “I’m not a party — I’m a person,” she told political reporter Jeremy Turley earlier this month .

That’s a nice talking point, but at some point voters are going to want to know what Mund stands for, beyond being independent. North Dakotans want policy positions. They want to know who she’ll vote for to be Speaker of the House if elected. Would it be someone like current Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Or a Republican, like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy?

Mund’s few on-the-record policy stances so far come down on the left side of the political ledger — she’s pro-choice, she’s a fan of former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she was critical of the American exit from the climate stipulations of the Paris Accord.

Now her campaign has scheduled a fundraiser at the Bismarck home of a former chairman of the Democratic-NPL, hosted by a group of other recognizable left-of-center and Democratic activists.

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