Plain Talk: What do you think of this proposal exempting most North Dakota households from income taxes?


MINOT, N.D. — Last week a group of Republican leaders from the state’s legislative and executive branches got together and announced a new plan to flatten North Dakota’s income taxes .

The state currently has five tax brackets that obligate every North Dakotan earning income to pay a progressively higher rate based on how large that income is.

This new plan would create just two tax brackets, with about 60 percent of North Dakota households paying no income tax at all, and the rest paying a flat rate of just 1.5%.

Would those paying no tax still have to file a return?

How would the state adjust its revenues and spending to account for this tax cut?

What of claims from Democratic leaders that this is just another handout for the wealthy?

Republican Tax Commissioner Brian Kroshus, and state Rep. Craig Headland, a Republican from Montpelier, joined this episode of Plain Talk to discuss.

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