State Supreme Court promptly rejects petitions filed by NDGOP state senator targeting Burgum, Jaeger


MINOT, N.D. — Last week, on Friday, two petitions were filed with the state Supreme Court by a Republican state senator from the Wahpeton area.

By Monday, on a timeline so short it may well be a record (at least in the experience of this observer), each petition was rejected.

One accused Gov. Doug Burgum of improper political activities, and asked the court to bar him from running for re-election. The other was in support of a ballot measure to implement term limits for the governor and state lawmakers that is already the subject of litigation after being disqualified from the ballot due to alleged fraud in the signature collection process.

Each was filed by Sen. Jason Heitkamp, who currently represents District 26, but was moved into District 25 through redistricting, and lost the NDGOP’s nomination in the new district.

That last is part of what inspired Heitkamp, who also expected me to respond to a Freedom of Information Act Request for my private communications and financial information , who seems to believe that I have him bugged with covert listening devices , to file at least one of these petitions.

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