Tony Gehrig: Cheaper Fargo City Hall Plan Is Just As Good


The Fargo Forum editorial board apparently has an internal conflict or at least a political conflict.

“Forum editorial: City Hall redesign looks good” April 14, 2016.

“Forum editorial: Don’t go cheap on City Hall” June 9, 2016.

The original design and the approved design have the same usable square footage. I’m interested to hear from the editorial board how the old design is a “75 year” building and the new is a “25 year building” given they have the same usable square footage. They have the same amount of office space.

This compromise is a win for Fargo residents. Some wanted usable space for city employees to conduct city business and some wanted an “iconic” taj mahal. The approved building is 2/3 the price of the original, looks great, is expandable, and it will be a functional building for decades.

The majority of residents want more office space and quality conditions for city employees. If “iconic” requires 10 million dollars are added to the price tag, they would not support it.

We have many needs in Fargo like more police officers, flood protection., expanded water resources, and quality roads to name a few. Raising taxes for wants like an “iconic” city hall, when we can have a functional city hall that will last decades, is not only unnecessary but irresponsible.

Depending on which day you read The Forum, you would assume they agree with that assertion.