This Alabama town is the most conservative (and this other one is the most liberal)


By Johnny Kampis |

CULLMAN, Ala. – No matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative, we’ve got the town for you.

CHECK THE BOX: A new tool lets you find the Alabama town where residents think most like you politically.

Or more accurately, Clarity Campaign Labs does. The political data analytics company released an online tool that lets users select a state, answer some ideological questions and find the city where residents share many of the same viewpoints based on their collective answers.

It should be noted Clarity Campaign Labs mostly does work with Democratic and progressive organizations, though this particular survey doesn’t seem biased.

It asks seven questions about such issues as political persuasion, abortion, religion, climate change, gun control and taxes to gauge your ideological bent.

The Alabama results: Huntsville is the most liberal town, while Morris is the most conservative.

Unsurprisingly, two other urban centers — Birmingham and Montgomery — rank as the next most liberal. Rural areas Baileyton, Ranburne, Bankston and Cragford are the next most conservative.

Business Insider used that data to create a map of the most liberal and conservative towns in the United States. In Florida, the mostly heavily Republican town is Baker on the panhandle, while Miami Gardens is the most Democratic. Residents of Good Hope, Georgia, lean right, while Atlanta is a hotbed of liberalism.

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