The State Of Tennessee Has More Electric Car Charging Stations Than Electric Cars


This is the sort of absurd outcome you get when markets are distorted by government subsidies. In Tennessee, the state has more government-subsidized charging stations for electric vehicles than electric vehicles (via Mark Perry):

Tennessee Department of Revenue officials estimate that at least 530 electric vehicles have been registered in Tennessee in the past two years, based on the number of buyers seeking a tax rebate. Spokesman Billy Trout said the department has issued about $1.35 million in rebates so far.

Nearly 40 charging stations are estimated in the metro Chattanooga area, most scattered around downtown and attractions such as the Choo Choo, The Chattanoogan, the Incline Railway, Ruby Falls, shopping centers and the Tennessee Aquarium. There are about 700 public charging stations across Tennessee to cater to cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi i, Smart Electric, Tesla S and Roadster.

According to the article, the electric charging stations in Tennessee are the result of a $230 million grant from the Department of Energy to install charging stations in five states.

Clearly, that’s a quarter-billion dollars well spent.

Maybe it’s time to admit that Americans really don’t like electric cars, and that if they did they’d well without the need of subsidies.