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Study Finds Little Evidence That Firm-Specific Economic Development Subsidies Work, but That Doesn’t Mean They’re Unnecessary

Study Finds Little Evidence That Firm-Specific Economic Development Subsidies Work, but That Doesn’t Mean They’re Unnecessary

We are stuck in a sort of arms race. Every year the pile of billions states and local communities offer for economic development subsidies gets bigger, as local leaders try to stand out from the pack, and none dare stop lest their community get left in the dust. Continue reading…

Ethanol’s Struggles as Government Eases Mandates Should Make Farm Country Very, Very Scared

Ethanol policy is an absolute disaster waiting to happen. It’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to blow up in our collective faces. The government’s promotion of ethanol has created a very large market for American farmers – corn farmers, specifically – to sell their crops into. Corn is, by a country mile, America’s #1 crop.

Fargo Commissioner Says It’s “Disingenuous” to “Bitch” About Company Getting $4.6 Million Subsidy They Said They Don’t Need

There were some fireworks at a meeting of Fargo’s city commission tonight. The genesis for the controversy was an application made by a company called Aldevron for a $4.6 million payment in lieu of tax (or PILOT) subsidy for an expansion they’re building. According to the commission’s posted agenda, the subsidy would have the company

Tax Incentive Handouts Aren’t the Only Way to Promote Denser, Downtown Development

Over the weekend the Fargo Forum editorial board took aim at critics of development incentive programs like Renaissance Zones and tax increment finance districts. “[B]ecause tax benefits go to selected businesses, some people just can’t see the big picture. The Renaissance Zone and tax-increment financing district program, another tax forgiveness program to develop property, are controversial.

Public Service Commission Says North Dakotans Can Be Charged for Green Energy Policies in Other States

The Public Service Commission, in a split decision, recently gave the go-ahead to Xcel Energy to inflate power bills here in North Dakota to recover the cost of building wind energy capacity in compliance with green energy policy in other states. Commissioner Randy Christmann, who voted no, made it clear why this was a terrible

If Public Art Is Popular Does It Need Subsidies?

Yesterday Tony Gehrig, who is a fiscally conservative member of Fargo’s city commission, sat down to discuss city subsidies for public art with what the Fargo Forum‘s Grace Lyden describes as “an audience of about 25 retired and current university staff and faculty at NDSU’s Memorial Union.” Given that Gehrig is an outspoken opponent of subsidizing

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Doug Burgum's Weak Spot: Subsidies For A Rich, Rich Man

“So two of Fargo’s richest citizens, Doug Burgum and Ron Offutt, want to build a large multi-use building in Fargo,” Hank Prellin writes in a letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum. “Interestingly, they want the taxpayers to provide them subsidy via tax incentives.” Mr. Prellin doesn’t mention North Dakota’s hotly-contested gubernatorial race – the

Counterproductive Government: Paying Farmers Not To Farm Land They Get Subsidies To Farm

Not so long ago a family member of mine was having problems. You see, she was on a lot of prescribed medication, and nothing seemed to be working. It turns out, she was on way too much medication. She started taking one prescription to treat a specific malady, but when that medication produced side effects

Democrat Lawmaker Wants North Dakota To Subsidize The Movie Industry

Last year Democrat Rep. Marie Strinden, who represents District 18 in Grand Forks, resigned from her job at the North Valley Arts Council after financial irregularities were discovered, including bounched checks. But that hasn’t deterred Strinden from a desire to support the arts, albeit with other people’s money. In two companion bills Strinden has proposed