The shortest statewide campaign ever, and a party that needs you to care about them more than they do


MINOT, N.D. — If the North Dakota Republican Party problems are rooted in too much success, with too many people pulling in different directions and competing for too few opportunities to advance, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL has the opposite problem.

This morning the North Dakota Democratic-NPL seated 115 delegates in person, with another 59 attending virtually. By 1:32 pm, shortly before announcing a lengthy recess intended to eat up time in an agenda that, by my calculation, was running about 4.5 hours ahead, the party announced a slight increase in participation.

They were up to 127 locally seated delegates with 81 online.

Still not quite to 200. As a point of comparison, Republicans are expecting to seat somewhere in the ballpark of 1,500 delegates at their convention next weekend.

At this point, it’s beating a dead horse to compare the Democratic-NPL to the NDGOP. These two organizations simply aren’t playing in the same league. North Dakota’s most consequential political divides exist within the NDGOP.

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