Plain Talk: Cramer says he’s undecided on Judge Jackson for Supreme Court, talks Ukraine and energy


MINOT, N.D. — It was a busy episode of Plain Talk today.

Sen. Kevin Cramer joined to discuss everything from the reason why he endorsed incumbent Sen. John Hoeven over challenger Rick Becker (he said Hoeven was not only his colleague but also his “mentor), the war in Ukraine (he says Biden is doing many of the right things, only he’s doing them too late), energy (there’s “nothing moral” about exporting our climate guilt), and the Supreme Court nomination battle.

On that last, Cramer said he hasn’t made up his mind yet. He said he’s reviewed the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings, but still has a meeting coming up with Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson which he’d like to honor.

“If I make a hard decision before that I’ll probably cut her loose,” he said, but as of now he intends to talk with her privately first. He said one thing he’d like to discuss with her, which hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, are her views on the right of states and what Cramer calls “cooperative federalism.”

Click above to listen to the whole episode.