The Pandemic Eviction Crisis That Never Happened


MINOT, N.D. — Back in April, when the coronavirus pandemic was still new, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL launched a partisan attack on Gov. Doug Burgum, accusing him of being out-of-touch for his refusal to issue a moratorium on evictions.

“The governor just said he expects working families to absorb the entire cost of the economic fall-out. Rent is due in two days and people aren’t getting paid,” party chairwoman Kylie Oversen said in a released statement. “It’s not their fault, and they can be kicked out of their homes with only three days notice. At best, late fees will pile up that could set them back for years. The governor, who is a landlord himself, just told North Dakotans he has no understanding of the challenges they’re facing.”

It seems as though Oversen and her political party are the ones who lack understanding.

It’s now August, and the eviction crisis Democrats and the ACLU and local socialist ideologues predicted is nowhere in sight.

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