Even if We Believe What Jim Kasper Says About His Facebook Account, What Does That Say About His Fitness for Office?


MINOT, N.D. — “Fargo Rep. Jim Kasper says he did not share racist, sexist and fake news posts that appeared on his Facebook page in an incident almost identical to an episode in January,” my colleague, reporter Jeremy Turley, wrote in a Twitter post linking his most recent article about The Most Hacked Man in America.

Back in January, Kasper was caught with some offensive posts and shares on his Facebook account. He claimed, at the time, that he was hacked, prompting many bipartisan eye rolls around the state.

As Turley notes, Kasper has been caught with similarly offensive material on his Facebook account again.

His explanation? He was hacked, he says. Again.

“I am not technologically smart at all,” Kasper said. “I do not know how these things happen.”

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