On Friday MSNBC talking head TourĂ© dropped a commentary casting abortion as a sort of social “safety net” that has saved society from the huge costs of millions and millions of unwanted children.

Here’s the problem: What TourĂ© is saying is that it’s ok to kill people who are inconvenient for society. That’s chilling, because it’s really not that far of a leap from killing off a child you don’t want to ending the lives of homeless people or elderly people who are sucking up disproportionate amounts of welfare and health care spending.

Is that where we want to be, as a society?

There’s another problem too: Why are we assuming that every child that is “unwanted” would necessarily become a drag on society? Sure, some might fail at life. Some might fall prey to substance abuse or become criminals. But are we really assuming that would be the norm for all those tens of millions of unborn? Plenty of people are born into meager circumstances in America and move beyond that into prosperous, meaningful lives.

Believing that abortion is a “safety net” protecting us from generations of criminals and social parasites is not only morally abhorrent, it’s factually inaccurate.