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Local Politics Are as Partisan and Ideological as Any Other Kind of Politics, We Just Pretend Like They Aren’t

Local Politics Are as Partisan and Ideological as Any Other Kind of Politics, We Just Pretend Like They Aren’t

Earlier this year state Rep. Scott Louser, a Republican from Minot, introduced legislation which would have allowed local elected leaders to identify themselves with a political party on the ballot. It was permissive legislation, which is to say that nobody would have been forced into an affiliation. Local candidates, much like legislative and statewide candidates

Jeannie Mock, Ward 4 council member of Grand Forks (Joshua Komer/Grand Forks Herald)

Grand Forks City Council Member Says Democrats Mistakenly Included Her in Fundraiser

Earlier this year state lawmakers considered legislation, introduced by Rep. Scott Louser (R-Minot), which would have allowed those running for local political office to affiliate themselves on the ballot with a political party. You can listen to my interview with Louser about the legislation here. It wasn’t too popular among some local elected leaders, including

Plain Talk: Lawmaker Says Criticism of Legislature’s Ethics Moves Are Inaccurate

After voters passed Measure 1 last year, a so-called “ethics” amendment to the state constitution, the Legislature was tasked with implementing it. But the left wing supporters of the amendment have claimed that the legislature hasn’t done a good job, leaving loopholes in the law which they say would allow unethical activity to continue. State


Plain Talk: Rep. Scott Louser Explains Why We Need Partisanship in Local Elections

On today’s episode of Plain Talk, state Rep. Scott Louser (R-Minot) explains why we need more partisanship in local elections. He’s the primary sponsor of a bill to require that local candidates – everyone from municipal government leaders to county commissions to sheriffs – declare a partisan affiliation on the ballot or mark themselves as

A yard sign from a past campaign for Jamestown City Council member Steve Brubakken. John M. Steiner / The Jamestown Sun

Should We Let Local Candidates Identify a Political Party?

Currently in North Dakota county and city-level elected officials are supposedly non-partisan. Which is a bit of a joke. Those candidates have opinions and philosophies they bring to governance, just like politicians at any other level of government. Calling them non-partisan isn’t really accurate. Many of them are quite partisan (or ideological, or whatever term

Rep. Chet Poller, a Republican from Carrington Photo provided by House Republicans

Al Carlson’s Replacement as House Majority Leader Won by Promising to Keep Everything the Same

Last night the Republican caucus in the North Dakota House of Representatives picked their new majority leader. The press release is below, but Rep. Chet Pollert of Carrington won the three-way competition over Rep. Mike Nathe of Bismarck and Rep. Dan Ruby of Minot. The result is a bit of a surprise. Heading into the

Brandon Muhs, front, of Fargo, North Dakota, pushes a dolly cart with boxes containing petition signatures into the Secretary of State's office on 7-11-2016 for a medical marijuana initiative for consideration on the November ballot. Initiative committee chairman Rilie Ray Morgan, second from right, and his wife, Rita, far right, also of Fargo, were among a group of supporters gathering at the state Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Ballot Measures Should Have to Be Introduced in the Legislature First

Legislating at the ballot box is a terrible way to make public policy. On election day we already ask voters to make informed choices on a myriad of candidates from the federal races down to hyper local races for court and soil conservation officials. Is it fair to also ask them to vote on complicated

Fargo Rep. Mary Schneider, a Democrat, speaks against voter ID legislation on the floor of the North Dakota House of Representatives on February 2, 2017.

Video: Democratic Lawmaker Says Raising Voter Fraud Penalty Is “Mean Spirited” and “Voter Intimidation”

After a federal court stuck down North Dakota’s voter ID law last year the state was forced to go back to an old system of letting people without valid ID’s cast their ballots using affidavits attesting to their identity. Today lawmakers took up HB1369 (see it below) which seeks to implement a more secure sort