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UND Task Force Recommends No Nickname As A Permanent Option

UND Task Force Recommends No Nickname As A Permanent Option

At the legislature, University of North Dakota officials showed up to testify against a bill introduced by Rep. Scott Louser which would extend the moratorium on the school picking a new nickname (that bill will get a vote on the floor of the state House this afternoon). They claimed – as credulous Grand Forks Herald reporter

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From the Left: Defending North Dakota's Brand Of Conservatism

This will not come as a surprise for anybody who pays attention, but North Dakota conservatism is not the same as conservatism in other parts of the Country.  I believe that frustrates many people on both sides of the political aisle. Those on the right become frustrated because of a perceived lack of party purity

UND Seems To Be Making Up Costs Of Keeping Nickname Moratorium

Yesterday HB1155 – Rep. Scott Louser’s legislation extending a moratorium on picking a new nickname for the University of North Dakota – was heard before the House Education Committee. One of the questions lawmakers asked, as you might imagine, is what costs if any the university might accrue if the moratorium is extended. After all,

UND President Offers Weak Argument Against Maintaining Nickname Moratorium

Today Rep. Scott Louser’s bill to continue the moratorium on a new nickname for the University of North Dakota was heard in committee. The bill is HB1155 and would extend the now-expired moratorium on a new nickname (which ended on January 1st) through July 1st of 2017. It was heard before the Education Committee today,

Bill Filed Extending Moratorium On Replacing Fighting Sioux Nickname

It’s been reported previously that Rep. Scott Louser, a Republican from Minot, would be filing a bill to extend the state’s moratorium on a new nickname at the University of North Dakota. Today Rep. Louser provided me with a draft copy of his bill. It’s not available online yet, but he says it will ultimately

James Kerian: North Dakota Has An Opportunity For Real Tax Relief

House Majority Leader Al Carlson, R-Fargo, announced last week that he is introducing a bill to phase out North Dakota’s income tax.  Carlson floated this proposal in an interview nearly two and a half years ago and Representative Scott Louser, R-Minot, announced here on SAB that he would introduce legislation with the same purpose.  Support

ND Lawmakers Will Have Two Choices On Income Taxes: Eliminate It, Or Phase It Out

Rep. Al Carlson, the House Majority Leader, has announced that he will be introducing legislation which would take North Dakota’s personal and corporate income tax rates down to zero. But back in September Rep. Scott Louser of Minot announced here on SAB legislation that would take income tax rates down to zero as well. What’s

How You Should Probably Vote: Yes On Measure 2 To Stop One Form Of Property Tax

It’s ironic, at least to this political observer, that we have another Measure 2 on the statewide ballot seeking to abolish a tax. In June of 2012, a constitutional amendment on the ballot called Measure 2 was hugely controversial because it sought to abolish property taxes which collect hundreds of millions of dollars per year