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Rep. Scott Louser: Time for the State to Take Over K-12 Spending to Eliminate Local Property Tax Burdens

Rep. Scott Louser: Time for the State to Take Over K-12 Spending to Eliminate Local Property Tax Burdens

Property taxes are consistently at the top of the list of voter concerns every election cycle and as the calendar year draws to a close, property owners will be anticipating their annual bill. While the legislature does not assess property, levy the mills, collect the taxes or spend the revenue, we are involved in the

Rep. Scott Louser: Give The Fighting Sioux Back To The Sioux

I have watched with great interest the scenario as it has played out with regards to the administration and nickname decision at UND.  As most know, the legislature passed a three year moratorium on a new nickname and logo, which expired January 1, 2015.  Essentially, UND has not had a nickname for three years plus

Scott Louser: Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz's Father To Visit Minot

Working in conjunction with members of the North Dakota Family Alliance, I am excited to announce an event scheduled for Tuesday, September 1 here in Minot at the Sleep Inn convention center. Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Republican Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, will be speaking to our community on the topics of being

North Dakota House Sends Legislator Residency Requirement Amendment To The Ballot

It was a rocky road, but it seems North Dakota voters will get a chance to cast their ballots on SCR4010 which is a constitutional amendment creating a stricter residency requirement for state lawmakers. Currently state law only requires that lawmakers live in their districts for 30 days before election day. In the past some

With Oil Prices Uncertain House Passes Smallest Income Tax Cut Bill Available

Today the state House took up four different income tax bills. One passed, and three failed. Here’s what House lawmakers rejected: HB1167: Introduced by Rep. Scott Louser (R-Minot), this was by far the largest tax cut before the House. It would have represented a reduction of $973 million in personal income taxes in the coming biennium by

Scott Louser: State Should Study Taking Over Property Taxes

Property taxes weigh heavily on the minds of many in North Dakota.  As legislators, we often are tasked with finding solutions to the concerns of our citizens.  While the state does not assess the property directly, levy the mills, collect the tax or spend the revenue, it is heavily involved in property tax buydowns.  Reforms

House Votes To Remove Student Certificates From Voter ID Laws

Today the House passed HB1333 on a 66-24 vote after a floor debate focused on the removal of student certificates as a valid ID. Student certificates were printouts produced by the university system for students vouching for their eligibility to vote. These were authorized by the Secretary of State’s office last election, but with this

North Dakota Lawmakers Take Aim At Abuse Of Companion Animal Exemptions

I don’t know about the rest of you, but lately I’ve been noticing a lot of people abusing exemptions for companion animals. Whether it’s people bringing their animals on airplanes, or people getting their pets into supposedly pet-free apartments, we’ve gotten a little carried away. It’s one thing if the animals exist to to help