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Democrats Attack Congressman Kevin Cramer for Having an Open Mind Trump Budget

Democrats Attack Congressman Kevin Cramer for Having an Open Mind Trump Budget

Why have North Dakota Democrats been pushed to the margins of the state’s politics? Why has their party been worn down to a small, angry nub of hard core progressives? Part of it is that they promote policies and ideas most North Dakotans simply don’t want. Another part of it is that when it comes

Disgruntled North Dakota Democrats Say the Base Is Mad at Heidi Heitkamp, the Party Is Disorganized

A funny thing happened this week. Not one but two members of the North Dakota Democratic Party reached out to me, completely independently of one another and with no prompting from me, to complain about how bad things are for their party right now. Both spoke on condition of anonymity, not wanting to earn the

Despite Supposed Focus On Legislature Democrats Have Just 37 Percent Of Candidate Slots Filled

Next weekend North Dakota’s Republicans and Democrats will hold their statewide conventions. In a preview of the events the Associated Press questioned Robert Haider, the executive director for the Democrats, on why his party has no candidates for most of the statewide races (they have nobody running for Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, Public Service Commission, nor

ND Democrats Announce Kroll’s as State Convention Site (Satire)

With only about a month and a half to go before their 2016 state convention, the North Dakota Democratic-Non Partisan League has announced the location of their Bismarck-based event will be the Kroll’s Diner on the corner of 19th/ Airport Road and Main Street/ Old Highway 10. Party Chair Kylie Oversen emphasized that attendees should

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Democrat Executive Director Accuses Republican Doug Burgum Of Ethical Lapse

It would help if the Democrats understood their own talking points. One such talking point North Dakota Democrats have been pushing over the last couple of years is this idea that North Dakota needs an “ethics commission” to investigate political wrong-doing. Because that has worked out so well in Washington D.C., right? By way of

North Dakota Democrats Caught Being Big, Giant Hypocrites About Public Data

Over at Watchdog today I write about something a reader tipped me off to. He noticed that his North Dakota bow hunting license was addressed to him with the same typo in his name as a Pheasants Forever mailing. It turns out, when you purchase a hunting or fishing license in the state, your personal

Senator John Hoeven: Affair Scandal Doesn't Disqualify Wrigley From Governor Race

Senator John Hoeven appeared on AM1100 WZFG with Steve Hallstrom this morning and was asked about the scandal around Drew Wrigley’s affair, the news of which broke here on SAB yesterday. Hoeven said that he doesn’t believe the scandal should stop Wrigley from running for governor. In related news, the children in charge of the

Heidi Heitkamp Said A Really Dumb Thing About The Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling

There’s no question that Obamacare is bad policy. It has been hugely unpopular from day one. Here in North Dakota it had calamitous political repercussions for Democrats, costing former Congressman Earl Pomeroy his job and no doubt contributing mightily to the decisions to retire by former Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad. So it is