Senator John Hoeven: Affair Scandal Doesn't Disqualify Wrigley From Governor Race


Senator John Hoeven appeared on AM1100 WZFG with Steve Hallstrom this morning and was asked about the scandal around Drew Wrigley’s affair, the news of which broke here on SAB yesterday.

Hoeven said that he doesn’t believe the scandal should stop Wrigley from running for governor.

In related news, the children in charge of the Democrat party have weighed in as well, and it’s hilarious. Case in point, party executive directory Robert Haider would like you to know that Wrigley’s affair is a personal matter…but he’s also probably hiding stuff and Haider knows because, uh, reasons?

Dem-NPL party Executive Director Robert Haider said he doesn’t expect calls for Wrigley to step down from office.

“This is a private matter, but that being said, if it gets to the point that the lieutenant governor is on the ballot, the voters of North Dakota will be the ones to determine how this impacts the upcoming election,” he said. …

“I think there’s obviously more to this story than he has brought out, but we as a party will not be calling on him to bring into the public sphere those that he’s affected with the decisions he’s made,” Haider said.

Someone should tell Haider that he can either take the high road or be a partisan hack, but he can’t do both.

The reporter should have followed up by asking Haider what he obviously knows that’s not being revealed here. The resulting bluster would have been entertaining.

I’m not defending Wrigley. The Democrats would be well within their rights to score some points here. But c’mon, can we get an adult in charge over there?