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Who Need More Government Surveillance In An Age Where We're All Watching Each Other?

Who Need More Government Surveillance In An Age Where We're All Watching Each Other?

As is always the case when something like the Boston Marathon bombing happens, we’re going to have a debate about what changes to public policy are necessary to prevent something like that from happening again. That’s appropriate, but most of the proposed changes will be knee-jerk responses that will likely do little to make us

SAB's Top Posts From The Last Week, Open Thread

Here are SAB’s top posts from the week that was. Joel Heitkamp/KFGO “Expansion” Plans Not Exactly Popular With Fargo Sports Fans – Liberal talk radio host Joel Heitkamp caused quite a stir this week when he tried to spin his impending loss of western radio affiliates KFYR and KCJB by announcing an “expansion” plan…to a

Democrat: We Must Ban Private Gun Sales Because Terrorism

According to Senator Diane Feinstein, we can’t let one person sell a gun privately to another person because the buyer might be a terrorist. She’s also saying that defeating the Senate filibuster of the gun control bill opens the door to another assault weapons ban. So, you know, thanks to supposedly pro-gun Senators like John

Joel Heitkamp's "Expansion" Plans Over Before They Started

Earlier this week liberal talk radio host Joel Heitkamp attempted to preempt news that he was being yanked off his western North Dakota affiliates with news of his own. Specifically that he was “expanding” his show to a second radio station broadcasting in the Fargo region. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t last long. As I posted

Ed Schultz: In Fargo High School "Slave Labor" Fills Sandbags So The Rich Don't Have To Build A Dike

The last we heard from Ed Schultz he was being banished the viewer wasteland that is weekend television programming. Apparently that has made him a little grumpy, as he chose to tee off today on high school volunteers filling sandbags to help protect against potential spring flooding. Here’s a quote, Newsbusters has the audio: Broadcasting

MSNBC Personality: "We Have To Break Through Our Idea…That Kids Belong To Their Parents"

In a promo for MSNBC, Melissa Harris Perry says we need to “break through” the idea “that kids belong to their parents” and instead recognize that kids belong to their community. It sounds radical – and it is – but this isn’t exactly a new idea. Around the turn of the last century American progressives

Fox News Reports Far More News Than MSNBC

According to a Pew study, CNN and Fox News are pretty close in their commentary-to-straight-news ratio. MSNBC, on the other hand, is almost entirely commentary and opinion. This runs a bit contrary to common perception (including my own).  I’ve always seen Fox News and MSNBC as mirror images of one another at opposite sides of

SAB's Top Five From The Last Week, Open Thread

Here are the top five posts by page views from the week that was: What The Fargo Forum Thinks Of Western North Dakotans – An editorial cartoon published by the Fargo Forum, which in general has a down-the-nose editorial stance when it comes to the western part of the state, seemed to depict western North

Why Ed Schultz Got Demoted: He Was Too Much Of A Blowhard For Even MSNBC To Stomach

Ed Schultz is trying to put a brave face on his demotion from a coveted prime time slot to the wastelands of weekend cable news programming. He’s even claiming he volunteered to do it. Nobody is buying it, of course, and it looks like the reason Schultz is being put out of sight is because