Ed Schultz: In Fargo High School "Slave Labor" Fills Sandbags So The Rich Don't Have To Build A Dike


The last we heard from Ed Schultz he was being banished the viewer wasteland that is weekend television programming. Apparently that has made him a little grumpy, as he chose to tee off today on high school volunteers filling sandbags to help protect against potential spring flooding.

Here’s a quote, Newsbusters has the audio:

Broadcasting from the city that has no bones about asking eighth graders to come down to the facility and start making sandbags so the wealthy people don’t have to pay for a dike. Good ‘ol Fargo, Nort’ Dakota. That’s how they flood fight. It’s called slave labor. Make ’em think they’re really building character. In fact, they have to build character every spring! The college kids, I think, have figured it out. Screw you! So now they’re picking on the eighth graders.

Right. Let’s trash volunteerism. Hey, maybe this outpouring of community support from even the city’s youngest citizens is something that’s right about North Dakota.

Actually, Fargo isn’t trying to build a dike. City leaders want flood diversion that will cost billions. And it’s a complicated issue. Some question whether its right to solve Fargo’s flood problems by sending the flood waters to other people’s land. There’s also a question of whether or not Fargo needs diversion. The city is already protected up to a certain level, and the diversion seems more about protecting land for the sake of economic development, which would actually be an illegal use of eminent domain power in North Dakota under state law.

But such nuance escapes brash, stupid “Big Eddie” whose approach to policy analysis seems to be a measure in how loudly he can shout about it.

That was a schtick not even MSNBC was willing to put up with any more.