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Judge to Rule on Whether a Marsy’s Law Provision Is Constitutional

Judge to Rule on Whether a Marsy’s Law Provision Is Constitutional

MINOT, N.D. — Marsy’s Law is a bad idea shoved into our state constitution, over the nearly united objections of those working in North Dakota’s criminal justice system, by voters who were bamboozled with a slick initiated measure campaign exclusively bankrolled by a drug-addled California billionaire. The existence of this public policy abomination is an

Marsy’s Law Backer Gets Sweetheart Plea Deal for Drug Charges in Nevada

In North Dakota billionaire Henry Nicholas was able to buy his hobby horse initiated measure onto the statewide ballot for a vote. That was Marsy’s Law, the so-called “victims rights” amendment to the state constitution which has, since it was ratified by voters, been an absolute headache for the criminal justice system while doing very

Plain Talk Podcast: Rep. Karla Rose Hanson Discusses Gun Seizure Bill

Should the government be able to take a person’s guns because a court finds you dangerous? Is that a reasonable protection for public safety, or something amounting to pre-crime? Denying a person their civil rights based on what they might do? Rep. Karla Rose Hanson, a Democrat from Fargo and sponsor of so-called “red flag”

Marsy’s Law May Have Put North Dakota in Violation of the 8th Amendment

Marsy’s Law is yet another of the legal headaches created by North Dakota’s deeply flawed initiated measure process. Approved by voters after a slick marketing campaign bankrolled by a California billionaire (who is currently facing drug trafficking charges), Marsy’s Law created in North Dakota’s constitution what supporters call “victim’s rights” and more honest observers describe

Reminder: Marsy’s Law Is Still an Absolute Mess Which Has Done Very Little to Help Victims

Back during the 2016 election cycle North Dakota voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly for Marsy’s Law, a constitutional amendment that was the hobby horse of (recently indicted) California billionaire Henry Nicholas. Critics of the measure (including this humble observer) argued that the amendment would make a mess out of existing laws and policies governing the

Billionaire Who Funded Marsy’s Law Campaign Busted for Drug Trafficking in Las Vegas

The Marsy’s Law campaign here in North Dakota was the pet project of California billionaire Henry Nicholas who has spent millions pushing ballot measures here in North Dakota and elsewhere. In fact, in our state, Nicholas was pretty much the only contributor to the measure campaign, paying for signature collectors and a slick media campaign

North Dakota Supreme Court Begins Cleaning up the Marsy’s Law Mess

Marsy’s Law is terrible public policy. “[A] hobby farm for an eccentric California billionaire,” as former state Supreme Court Justice Sandstrom told me during the 2016 election cycle when voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly for the constitutional amendment. Unfortunately, I think North Dakota voters were bamboozled by slick campaign (Kelsey Grammer!) funded exclusively from California by

North Dakota’s Initiated Measure Reformers Should Look to Montana

I’m not exactly a fan of legislating at the ballot box, or direct democracy generally. But in particular, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to enact complicated public policy merely through a vote of the people. Does anyone really believe that harried voters, already asked to be informed on national and state and local