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Kelsey Grammer Cuts Ad for Marsy’s Law

Kelsey Grammer Cuts Ad for Marsy’s Law

The vast majority of North Dakota’s legal system – from cops to defense attorneys to prosecutors to victim’s rights groups – is united in opposition to Measure 3. That’s Marsy’s Law, which sitting state Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom called “a hobby farm for an eccentric billionaire.” But television’s Dr. Frasier Crane thinks it’s ok

ND Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom Calls Marsy’s Law “a Hobby Farm for an Eccentric Billionaire”

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom will be stepping down at the end of his current term, to be replaced by either Judge Jerod Tufte or Bismarck attorney Robert Bolinske who are competing on the November ballot. Yesterday he spoke to the Cass County Bar Association and a SAB reader in attendance tipped me

Ladd Erickson: Marsy’s Law Is a Debate Over Public Policy Not Sad Stories

We’re already voting on Measure 3 – hopefully more no’s than yes’s – and we will soon know if “Marsy” will be part of our State Constitution. The defense attorneys, state’s attorneys, retired judges, victim advocate groups, and lately the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police, have all been trying to educate the voters on

Audio: ND Fraternal Order of Police Says Marsy’s Law Would Complicate Investigations, Proponent Says Critics Are Misinformed

I had both sides of the Marsy’s Law issue on my radio show yesterday. Grant Benjamin, president of the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police, was on to discuss his organization’s recent decision to oppose the ballot measure which is number 3 on the November ballot. Benjamin, saying that the vote was unanimous against the

Fraternal Order of Police Oppose Marsy’s Law, Says It Will ‘Hamper Criminal Investigations’

The number of North Dakota groups from all sides of the criminal justice system opposing Marsy’s Law – the pet project of California billionaire Henry Nicholas who is also the source of all the measure campaign’s finances – continues to grow. The list includes the North Dakota Victim’s Assistance Association, CAWS North Dakota, the North Dakota Women’s Network,

Audio: Cass County States Attorney Says Marsy’s Law the Idea of a “Rather Eccentric Billionaire”

Cass County States Attorney Birch Burdick joined me on my radio show today to talk about Marsy’s Law, also known as Measure 3 on your November ballot. I had intended this segment to be a debate between the two sides of the issue, but the Marsy’s Law proponents declined to participate. I’m told they’ve been

Marsy’s Law for North Dakota Is Being Funded Exclusively by a California Billionaire

I’ve come to be very distrustful of the initiated measure process. While we all have measures we’ve supported or opposed, I do think there is something fundamentally problematic about legislating at the ballot box. I don’t like the idea of interests, even if I might be inclined to agree with their goals, buying their way

Marsy’s Law Committee Says Critics Are…Sexist?

Yesterday Robert Wefald – a former judge and North Dakota Attorney General – announced that he would be chairing a committee in opposition to Marsy’s Law which will be Measure 3 on your November ballots. I interviewed Wefald on my radio show yesterday (listen below) and he also has a guest post here on SAB