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Congressman Cramer Calls on Ag Secretary to Protect Farmers During Trade Uncertainty

Congressman Cramer Calls on Ag Secretary to Protect Farmers During Trade Uncertainty

If you needed more evidence to illustrate that Trump’s fight with China on trade is a big political risk for farm state Republicans, check out Congressman Kevin Cramer calling on Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to protect farmers: Red state Democrats are making hay on this issue. They’ve had to tip toe around President Donald Trump’s

Leadership Change May Be in the Works for North Dakota Democratic Party

According to a Democratic insider with knowledge of the discussions, there’s a movement afoot to replace party chairwoman Kylie Oversen with someone else. Oversen presided over what was a disastrous 2016 election cycle for the Democrats, yet maintains her leadership post in the 2018 cycle despite deciding to also launch a campaign for Tax Commissioner

Podcast: Medical Marijuana, Josh Boschee, Mac Schneider

Jason Wahl from the North Dakota Department of Health joined me on my radio show today to talk about the progress on implementing the medicinal marijuana law. Democratic Secretary of State candidate Josh Boschee talked about the possibility of shorter voting hours in Cass County and the recent ruling by a federal judge on North

North Dakota Democrats Have a Point About Trump’s Trade Fight With China

News this morning is that China has fired back at President Donald Trump’s aggressive trade movies, threatening tariffs on 106 American products including (perhaps most importantly for North Dakota) soybeans. Our state is one of the top soybean producers in the state. And, doing the political calculus on this situation, soybeans are grown perhaps most

Democrat Ben Hanson Hangs up House Campaign

Former Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider may have won the endorsement from delegates to the North Dakota Democratic Party’s state convention over the weekend, but in North Dakota the actual party nominees are chosen on the June ballot. After the convention, clearly a little bitter at losing to Schneider’s last-minute (and Heitkamp-backed) blitz campaign, former

Democrat Insider: State Party Engaged in “Backstabbing and Double Dealing” With Some Candidates

Yesterday I wrote a post, based on comments from a past statewide candidate for the North Dakota Democrats, which was critical of the state party’s handling of their state convention this weekend, among other things. My source called the convention a “celebration of incompetence.” Today another Democrat active in state politics contacted me to say

Campbell for Senate Radio Ads Still Running

Earlier this week a reader sent me a mailer he’d received from the Tom Campbell campaign which still had the state Senator running against Democratic incumbent Heidi Heitkamp for the U.S. Senate. The problem being that Campbell switched his Senate race into a House race weeks back when North Dakota’s current congressman, Kevin Cramer, announced

North Dakotans Have a Choice Between Democrats Who Say They’ll Govern Like Republicans and Actual Republicans

Over the weekend the Associated Press had an interesting article about the crop of Democratic U.S. House candidates – former state lawmakers Mac Schneider and Ben Hanson, alongside current state Senator John Grabinger – who have emerged since incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer announced his candidacy for the Senate. “North Dakota’s Democratic U.S. House hopefuls are

“I’D Be Honored to Work With President Trump” Says North Dakota Democrat Running for the House

One of the most interesting things to observe in North Dakota politics is just how far the state’s Democrats must journey away from the positions of the national counterparts in order to win elections here. “I’d be honored to work with President Trump,” Mac Schneider, a former state lawmaker who lost re-election in 2016, said