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Former State Lawmaker Mac Schneider to Announce U.S. House Campaign

Former State Lawmaker Mac Schneider to Announce U.S. House Campaign

North Dakota Democrats are getting another candidate for the U.S. House, but it’s not happening without some internal strife. Mac Schneider, former Minority Leader in the state Senate, is expected to announce a campaign on Tuesday next week. Former state Representative Ben Hanson has already been campaigning for that seat for months now. State Senator

Anna Woodcock: How Republicans Unseated Democratic Leaders in Grand Forks

2016 has been the year of political upsets. President-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the Republicans were able to maintain control of the US Senate, and the vast majority of political pundits were wrong at every turn. But in Grand Forks, a campaign upset was brewing that almost nobody saw coming. Kylie Oversen was a

National Political Trends Do Not Entirely Explain Why North Dakota Democrats Lost

On election night North Dakota’s Democrats got slaughtered. They didn’t have a statewide candidate – up to and including Hillary Clinton – crack 30 percent on the statewide ballot. To put that in context President Barack Obama – not exactly a favorite in the Peace Garden State – got 38 percent of the vote in

UPDATED: Democrats, University of North Dakota Seek Digital Safe Space for Students to Protect Them From Republicans

Back during the 2014 election cycle North Dakota Democrats engaged in some rank political grandstanding, claiming that a Republican-aligned marketing firm had somehow violated the law by obtaining a directory of student email addresses from the North Dakota University System through an open records request and then sending messages to those accounts. The Democrats –

Democrats May Introduce Bill to Raise Oil Tax During Special Session

On Tuesday next week North Dakota lawmakers will convene in Bismarck for a special session called earlier this month by Governor Jack Dalrymple. The proceedings will kick off with an address from Dalrymple at 9:30am, at which point he’ll apparently lay out what his specific priorities are for fixing the budget shortfall which necessitated the

Democrats Offer “Responsible Alternative” to Special Session Bill They Haven’t Even Seen Yet

The Democrats have announced that they will be announcing a “reasonable alternative” to the Republican plan for the special session Governor Jack Dalrymple called next month. That would be a “reasonable alternative” to something the Republicans haven’t even made public yet. If you needed evidence that North Dakota’s thoroughly-marginalized and mostly irrelevant Democrats are interested

Democrat Minority Leader Mac Schneider: I’m Right About Oil Taxes in an Alternate Version of Reality

Last week I called out Senator Mac Schneider and Rep. Kenton Onstad for a wildly inaccurate claim they made in a newspaper column, which is that Republican-backed oil tax reform was costing the state $11 million per month in revenues. Here’s a direct quote from what they wrote: “The oil extraction tax cut, ramrodded through

North Dakota Democrats Spread Wildly Inaccurate Information About Oil Tax Collections

Yesterday Governor Jack Dalrymple announced that he would be calling state lawmakers back to Bismarck for a special session to run from August 2-4. This move has prompted a lot of criticism of Republican handling of budget issues, some of it fair and some of it not so fair. One consistent talking point I’ve heard

North Dakota Democrats Think You’re Not Paying Enough in Taxes

The drift of North Dakota’s Democrats into political irrelevance often gets blamed on how far left their national party has gone. It’s hard to win elections in North Dakota when your fellow Democrats nationally are advancing (as one example) a federal regulatory regime which would be devastating for North Dakota’s primary industries. But there is