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Democratic Party Chairwoman, Senate Minority Leader Almost Failed to Make General Election Ballot

Democratic Party Chairwoman, Senate Minority Leader Almost Failed to Make General Election Ballot

Last week, after the primary vote, I noted that so many Democrats had crossed over to vote on the Republican ticket for gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum that it actually put a long list of Democratic state lawmakers at risk of not making the general election ballot. Section 16.1-11-36 of the North Dakota Century Code states

It's That Time In The Election Cycle When Democrats Demand A Special Legislative Session

North Dakota Democrats demanding a special session of the Legislature has become something of an election year tradition in North Dakota. At the end of February in 2014 the Democrats asked Governor Jack Dalrymple to convene a special session of the Legislature to increase state spending. At the time Democrats argued that the state hadn’t

Republicans Look To Take Out Democrat Leaders In Grand Forks

Democrats have said that they’re focused on beating back Republican majorities in the Legislature this cycle. But Republicans seem focused on the Legislature too, and some high-profile Democrats in Grand Forks may be in for a battle. I wrote about the legislative races in District 42 yesterday, but my post got a little messed up because

Maybe North Dakotans Just Don't Want What Democrats Are Selling

We are just one month and 23 days away from the Democrats’ statewide endorsing convention in Bismarck. Are are just 8 months and 29 days away from election day. Yet the Democrats have not a single statewide candidate even unofficially in a race. That’s bad, and the media has begun to take notice. Bismarck Tribune reporter

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"John School" Sex Trafficking Law Likely To Accomplish Very Little

On Friday a number of new laws passed by the Legislature earlier this year went into effect. Among them a law which would allow judges to sentence”johns” – people guilty of soliciting prostitution – to a class. Senator Mac Schneider of Grand forks, who leads the Democrat minority caucus in the Senate and really ought to

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Be Thankful North Dakota Democrats Didn't Get Their Way On Oil Tax Reform

We’re past Thanksgiving, but here’s something you can be thankful for anyway: That Democrats didn’t get their way when they emptied their rhetorical silos in furious opposition to oil tax reforms earlier this year. The Republican majority in the state Legislature pushed through reforms to the state’s oil taxes in the 2015 session which ended

Dalrymple Spokesman: Laws Were Followed When Giving Staff Bonuses

Democrats are questioning whether or not Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office followed the laws governing retention bonuses for state employees when five of the governor’s staff got nearly $100,000 in bonuses. Here’s what Robert Haider, executive director of the North Dakota Democrat Party, posted on Twitter: Are chief of staff, comms hard-to-fill? Does gov's office have

Democrats Are Misleading The Public On Governor's Office Bonuses

Earlier today I wrote a post about nearly $100,000 in retention bonuses Governor Jack Dalrymple handed out to five staff members. Dalrymple’s defense of the bonuses holds that they were necessary to keep people in jobs that, given Dalrymple’s decision not to run for re-election, now have an expiration date. But Democrats are making political

It's A Good Thing North Dakota Democrats Didn't Get Their Way On Taxes And Spending

During the legislative session earlier this year Democrats were in attack mode over two budget concerns. For one thing, they were worried that concerns over low oil prices would have the Republican majority spending too conservatively. “The sky is not falling here,” Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider, a Democrat from Grand Forks, said. “We don’t