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Fargo Rep. Mary Schneider, a Democrat, speaks against voter ID legislation on the floor of the North Dakota House of Representatives on February 2, 2017.

Video: Democratic Lawmaker Says Raising Voter Fraud Penalty Is “Mean Spirited” and “Voter Intimidation”

Video: Democratic Lawmaker Says Raising Voter Fraud Penalty Is “Mean Spirited” and “Voter Intimidation”

After a federal court stuck down North Dakota’s voter ID law last year the state was forced to go back to an old system of letting people without valid ID’s cast their ballots using affidavits attesting to their identity. Today lawmakers took up HB1369 (see it below) which seeks to implement a more secure sort

Rep. Mark Owens, a Republican from Grand Forks, argues in favor of his legislation to require just one license plate on North Dakota vehicles.

Video: After a Lengthy Debate ND House Votes Down Bill Requiring Just One Auto License Plate

The North Dakota House of Representatives today took up HB1084, sponsored by Rep. Mark Owens of Grand Forks. The legislation, had it passed, would have ended the requirement for two license plates on North Dakota vehicles instead requiring just one. Unfortunately, despite a lengthy debate, it didn’t pass. You can watch video of the entire

Kirsten Diederich, then the president of the State Board of Higher Education, stands alongside interim Chancellor Larry Skogen on Tuesday, September 2, 2014, in Fargo. Skogen has since gone back to his position as president of Bismarck State College. Forum file photo

Audio: Democratic Legislative Candidate Says She’s Supporting Republican Gov Candidate, Wants Ethics Commission

Kirsten Diederich is a former president of the State Board of Higher Education and a long time contributor to Republican political campaigns in our state. She’s also running for the state House in District 46 as a Democrat. The District 46 races seem to be one Democrats are targeting, with Kasper seen as a vulnerable

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Audio: State Lawmaker Says Local Governments Have to “Right Size” to Address Property Taxes

On yesterday’s radio show I interviewed state Rep. Jim Kasper, a Republican running for re-election in District 46. Among other things we discussed the two Republicans-turned-Democrats who are challenging for the state House in that district this cycle. Kasper said they’re guilty of “sour grapes” after one of them lost a previous competition in the

FILE PHOTO: Current governor's residence. (Korrie Wenzel/Grand Forks Herald)

Don’t Let Grandstanding Lawmakers Delay Governor’s Residence Project

The governor’s residence on the capitol grounds in Bismarck has always been a fraught political topic. For years state lawmakers, led in some ways by Rep. Jim Kasper of Fargo (who has a guest post on this topic on SAB today as well), have pushed to build a new residence. The old one has a

It's Just A Steady Stream Of Bad News For North Dakota Democrats

It seems state Senator George Sinner may not be running for re-election in District 46. This after confirming, again, that he’s on the long, long list of Democrats deciding not to run for governor. This just two years after Sinner – son of former Governor George A. Sinner –  was on the statewide ballot for Democrats

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Now Is Not The Time For An Edifice Complex North Dakota

Earlier this year state lawmakers appropriated a total of $5 million – including $4 million in public dollars and $1 million in privately-raised dollars – to demolish North Dakota’s old governor’s residence and build a new one. The primary reasons for building a new facility are practical. The old one was badly outdated with a

Critics Worried Common Core Task Force Won't Include Opposition Voices From Legislature

You can’t always get what you want, the Rolling Stones tell us, but sometimes you get what you need. I believe that’s where the passionate and energetic opponents of Common Core find themselves heading into the 2015-2017 legislative interim. They lost a bruising battle in the legislature over bills that would have, among other things,

House Kills Amendment Requiring Lawmakers To Live In Their Districts After It Gets Second Life

SCR4010 is a constitutional resolution which would require that state lawmakers actually live in their districts in order to serve in the state assembly. The fate of this legislation seemed to be sealed last month when the House gave it the “death by study” treatment, which is when lawmakers take a bill they don’t like