Audio: State Lawmaker Says Local Governments Have to “Right Size” to Address Property Taxes


On yesterday’s radio show I interviewed state Rep. Jim Kasper, a Republican running for re-election in District 46.

Among other things we discussed the two Republicans-turned-Democrats who are challenging for the state House in that district this cycle. Kasper said they’re guilty of “sour grapes” after one of them lost a previous competition in the district.

We also talked about Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum, who Kasper says will bring a “refreshing, different look” to state government.

In touting his record in the Legislature – where he’s served since 2001 – Kasper pointed to property tax relief, including state buy-downs of local property taxes (which, to me, seems less like tax relief than a spending shift), but said there is more work to be done which has to take place at the local level.

“Local governments have to right size,” he told me adding that, should he be re-elected, he hopes to again introduce legislation he’s sponsored in the past to cap local spending.

The full interview is below. I’ll have on one one of Kasper’s Democractic opponents, Kirsten Diederich, on the show Thursday at 1:00pm central.