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John Dorso: Common Core Debate Has Resulted In A Fine Legislative Mess

John Dorso: Common Core Debate Has Resulted In A Fine Legislative Mess

Normally I wouldn’t have much to say concerning HB 1461 the repeal, if you can call it that, of Common Core. I haven’t followed the arguments nationally or in the state of North Dakota. I have to be honest however. If it were up to me there would be no U.S. Department of Education. Of

Lawmaker Says Committee Wouldn't Allow Amendments To Common Core Bill

This week HB1461, which would withdraw North Dakota from the controversial Common Core standards and establish a process for the state creating its own standards, will get a vote on the floor of the House. But the lawmaker sponsoring the legislation, Rep. Jim Kasper, is first going to ask lawmakers to amend the bill on the floor.

Controversial Common Core Bill Will Get Amendments On The House Floor

Last week the House Education Committee heard testimony on HB1461, which was introduced by Rep. Jim Kasper to address North Dakota’s adoption of the Common Core standards. Lawmakers listened to more than five hours of public testimony on the bill before giving it a 9-4 “do not pass” recommendation. But the version of the bill

There's Nothing "Conservative" About Common Core Standards

Yesterday the House Education Committee, after listening to five hours of debate, gave a 9-4 “do not pass” recommendation to HB1461. That’s legislation introduced by Rep. Jim Kasper to withdraw North Dakota from the Smarter Balance Consortium and thus the Common Core standards which that organization is implementing. The debate over Common Core has been…colorful.

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Why Is Fargo Forum Obsessing Over Common Core Request That Never Happened?

Last month Fargo Forum publisher Matt Von Pinnon wrote a column that was little more than a litany of all the open records requests his newspaper has filed. The headline of the column was, “Forum continues to take watchdog role seriously.” Numerous people emailed me links to the column asking the same basic question: Are these

Common Core Debate Devolves Into Pie Throwing Before Session Even Starts

There’s going to be a fight over Common Core in the upcoming legislative session, and judging by the way the battles lines are being drawn, it promises to be one of the ugliest political brawls of the session. Below is an email exchange among lawmakers and the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce prompted by an

First Shots Fired In What Promises To Be Nasty Legislative Fight Over Common Core

North Dakota’s legislative session doesn’t start until January, but already the Common Core issue is getting ugly. Last week while lawmakers were in Bismarck for caucus meetings Rep. Jim Kasper, a Fargo Republican, organized a meeting (see email here) and circulated a bill draft for legislation to withdraw North Dakota from Common Core. You can

North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 16, 22, 44, and 46 Fargo-West Fargo-Cass County Area Guide Part II

This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. Due to the large number of districts in the Fargo-West Fargo-Cass County area,

In North Dakota's Next Election You'll Need An ID To Vote

North Dakota has some of the most lax voting requirements in the nation. There is no voter registration, and to get a ballot you can either have someone else at the polls vouch for you or you can fill out an affidavit which isn’t checked out until well after your ballot has already been counted.

Proposed Ski Resort Purchase By State Of ND Being Sold Under False Pretenses

Last month I wrote about an amendment to North Dakota’s Parks and Recreation budget authorizing the purchase of a ski slope near Walhalla in the northeast part of North Dakota. In floor debate over the amendment, Rep. Jim Kasper questioned the originator of the amendment Rep. Dave Monson about the reason for the purchase. To