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Jason Flohrs: North Dakota Needs to Dump Corporate Welfare

Jason Flohrs: North Dakota Needs to Dump Corporate Welfare

The Fargo city council made headlines recently by approving big property tax increases to pay for the city budget. To justify their vote, they’ve pointed the finger at valuation increases and changes in state aid dollars. But that’s not the whole story. They are also giving away millions of dollars of tax breaks each year

Podcast: An Internet Sales Tax in North Dakota and Kevin Cramer Town Hall

Below is the audio from today’s radio show. If you want the audio delivered straight to your podcasting app, click here. Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity joined me to talk about SB2298, introduced by Senator Dwight Cook (R-Mandan), which would seek to collect the sales tax from companies which retail goods to customers in

Jason Flohrs: Internet Sales Tax Bill Would Be a Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

The North Dakota House is considering a bill tomorrow – SB 2298 – that would ramp up collection enforcement of the existing sales tax on all online purchases. This means that the state will begin to unconstitutionally collect more taxes from hardworking North Dakotans, driving up the cost of goods and services and making North

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus To Address NDGOP Convention

North Dakota Democrats had Minnesota Congressman Colin Peterson address their state convention this weekend. Today I can confirm that Republican National Committee Chairman Reience Priebus will be addressing the NDGOP convention this coming weekend. North Dakota Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland told me via phone this morning that Priebus has been confirmed as the convention’s

North Dakota Democrats Don't Exactly Score With Convention Speaker, But Lead NDGOP In Delegates

In what is perhaps a testament to their weak field of candidates this year – including US House candidate George Sinner, but excluding Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Taylor – North Dakota Democrats announced that the apex of their state convention will be state Rep. Colin Peterson from right across the border in Minnesota. Peterson, a long-serving