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Conservation Groups Have Alienated North Dakotans

Conservation Groups Have Alienated North Dakotans

Conservation groups are griping about the position they find themselves in. They think more dollars need to be dedicated to conservation, but they feel like they don’t have those dollars. Nor much support among North Dakotans. “We haven’t done a very good job of mobilizing our sportsmen and women,”Eric Lundstrom, of Ducks Unlimited of Bismarck,

Post-Election Fallout For Conservation Groups Continues

Ever since Measure 5 (the constitutional amendment to create an oil tax slush fund for conservation groups) flopped on the statewide ballot (almost 80 percent of voters cast no votes) I’ve been arguing that the ill-advised campaign didn’t just squander millions on a losing ballot measure effort. The conservation activists also wounded their cause for

Chevrolet Buying Carbon Credits In North Dakota

Has anyone else noticed a subtle change in marketing for the environmentalists? We seldom seem to hear of “environmental groups” any more. The new buzzword is “conservation groups.” Maybe the term “environmentalists” has been tainted over the years by the zealots who operate under its banner. Anyway, this story about a deal brokered by Ducks

Men In Television Ads Say They Were Exploited By Measure 5 Supporters

Yesterday I wrote a post about a gentleman from Devils Lake named Clint Devier. Clint is an avid outdoorsman and had participated in an ad campaign for the North Dakota Tourism Department promoting North Dakota. Unfortunately, video of him was used by the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks to promote Measure 5

Whoops: Pro-Measure 5 Activists Use Fake Mandan Teacher In Ad

Recently the group supporting Measure 5 held a press conference calling on opponents of the measure to “stop the lies.” That’s pretty rich given how often they have trouble telling the truth. For instance, there was that time they got caught using pictures of South Dakota to promote Measure 5 in North Dakota. There’s that