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Measure 5 Organizer Is Married To Anti-Oil Federal Prosecutor

Measure 5 Organizer Is Married To Anti-Oil Federal Prosecutor

Remember back in 2011 when North Dakota U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon – appointed to that position by President Obama directly from the Democrat National Committee – tried to prosecute some oil companies over a couple of dozen dead ducks? Purdon filed criminal charges – yes, criminal charges – against six oil companies under the Migratory

North Dakota Grain Growers: USDA Should End Relationship With Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited has gotten behind Measure 5 – which would diver hundreds of millions in oil tax revenues every biennium to a conservation fund – in a big, big way. Their regional director, Steve Adair, is also the chairman of the coalition group backing the measure called North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks.

Surprise: Conservation Measure Supporters Understated Cost By 75 Percent

If you were one of the North Dakotans approached by the supposedly “volunteer” signature collectors for the conservation measure (these “volunteers” were so expensive the group backing the measure spent at least $8 per signature collected), you were probably told that the measure would divert only a tiny amount of state tax revenues into a

Conservation Measure Proponents Get Laughs At Chamber Event

I’m at the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce¬†policy summit today (I’ll be on a panel in the afternoon about state spending) and the first discussion was about the conservation measure which aims to divert 5 percent of oil extraction revenues to a fund for conservation (read: a lot of money). There were two supporters

North Dakota Conservation Activists Aren't Honest About Cost Of The Ballot Measure

Conservation activists backing the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment are pretty sensitive about the cost of their measure. As they collect signatures to put it on the ballot in November, they claim that it will only divert about $150 million per biennium from oil extraction tax collections. Steve Adair – Ducks Unlimited regional boss

Some Inconvenient Truth For North Dakota Conservationists

As we work our way through another election cycle toward the November ballot, North Dakota is having a debate about conservation. A coalition of conservation activists like Ducks Unlimited are pushing petitions to put a measure on that ballot which would divert hundreds of millions in state tax revenues to a conservation fund (which said

Conservation Fund Can't Seem To Find Much Conservation To Fund

For the last couple of years now – going back to the petition push for a conservation fund measure on the 2012 ballot (which failed due to signature fraud) to the Legislature’s creation of the Outdoor Heritage Fund to the debate over a second petition push behind the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment –

State Of North Dakota Shouldn't Block Land Sale To Conservationists

North Dakota is having a debate right now about a constitutional amendment which would divert a huge amount of oil tax revenues – hundreds of millions of dollars per biennium, billions over the lifespan of the measure – into a slush fund for conservation groups that includes a mandate to spend most of the money

North Dakota Non Profits Should Be Able To Buy Land, But Only If They Stop Taking Public Money

Grand Forks Herald opinion editor Tom Dennis gets in a jab at property rights proponents over North Dakota’s restrictions on non-profits buying up land: In the other 49 states, if a landowner wants to sell and Ducks Unlimited wants to buy, then the two parties agree on a price, and DU writes a check. Willing