Men In Television Ads Say They Were Exploited By Measure 5 Supporters


Yesterday I wrote a post about a gentleman from Devils Lake named Clint Devier. Clint is an avid outdoorsman and had participated in an ad campaign for the North Dakota Tourism Department promoting North Dakota. Unfortunately, video of him was used by the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks to promote Measure 5 in an ad called “Hunters” (see below)

Clint wasn’t very happy about it, because he doesn’t support Measure 5. Now three more people pictured in pro-Measure 5 ads have come forward saying they’re also upset about being included in pro-Measure 5 ads, and they’re saying their association with the campaign is hurting business.

alfreidigAl Freidig: “This is going to cost me business.”

“We worked very hard to create that footage to promote North Dakota,” Al told me this morning. “Now we’re in something we would never, ever support. It’s just really unfortunate that they stooped to this level.”

Al is a realtor in the Devils Lake area. Part of his business is managing farm and ranch land. He says his appearance in a Measure 5 ad is causing him problems professionally.

“I had one of my clients call and ask me why I support this, Al told me. He said that he had told this client previously that he did not support Measure 5, but the ad made him look like a liar.

“At some point in time, this is going to cost me business,” Al said. “I deal with farmers and land owners.”

Al said all the participants in the tourism video signed a waiver so their likeness to be used, but they didn’t agree to be in a political ad. Still, he said because the ad was for the government the footage is in the public domain. “They could not stop these people from using this,” he said.

JeffKatzerJeff Katzer: “I’m getting a lot of flak from farmers.”

While Clint, Al and Steve all appeared in the same ad, Jeff has been pictured in multiple ads. He’s in the “Hunters” ad released by the pro-Measure 5 activists and he’s also in the ad featuring former Mandan teacher Amy Walker (which has created controversy of its own).

“I did not support this,” Jeff told me when I caught him by cell phone in the middle of a field guiding some of his customers.”

Jeff is a professional hunting guide. He says the Measure 5 ad is already causing him problems with customers, and he’s contacted an attorney about possibly suing.

“I’m getting a lot of flak from farmers,” he told me. “They are not letting me on their land. It’s like I’ve got to plead my case and convince them I’m innocent.

stevedahlSteve Dahl: “It’s just kind of a stinky deal.”

“I’m against Measure 5 and I don’t know why I’m in it,” Steve told me about the ad.

Steve told me that Jeff Katzer tried to contact the North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks about their objections to the ad but that he had the “door slammed in his face.”

He said he’s not feeling any economic impacts yet from the ad like Jeff is but noted that “ours just started the other night. We’ll probably be where he’s at in another couple of weeks.”

“It’s just kind of a stinky deal,” he said of being included in the ad. “You try to help out the North Dakota tourism and then this out of state group gets a hold of it and exploits you while they’re trying to ram Measure 5 down everyone throats.”

Here’s the full ad: