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Anti-Oil #NoDAPL Protest Has Been Great for Gasoline Sales

Anti-Oil #NoDAPL Protest Has Been Great for Gasoline Sales

One of the great ironies of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline – ostensibly to re-route the pipeline but perpetrated in no small part by anti-oil environmental extremists – is that Standing Rock Sioux chairman and #NoDAPL figurehead David Archambault owns a gas station. A station located quite near the protest camps, as it

Audio: ND Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley Says #NoDAPL Donations Support a “Coordinated Criminal Enterprise”

Protesters aiming to block the Dakota Access Pipeline have raised millions of dollars for their efforts, and many of those dollars are going to support unlawful protest activities. From supplies for camps established illegally on federal land and private land – and even, last week, the middle of Highway 1806 – to bail for protesters arrested

National Sheriff’s Assoc. Alleges Effort to Thwart Federal Assistance in #NoDAPL Protests, Calls for Investigation

As I mentioned in a post yesterday evening I’m hearing some rumblings that we may get some movement this week on a federal response to #NoDAPL protesters camping without a permit on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land. Hopefully that happens, for the sake of the rule of law, and hopefully the protesters leave those

“If He Had Any Balls” He’d Tell #NoDAPL Protesters “To Go Home” Standing Rock Tribal Leader Says of Archambault

Robert Fool Bear Sr. is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. In fact, he’s a tribal leader, serving as the district chairman of Cannon Ball, the tribal community located just a few miles from the often unlawful and sometimes violent protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. He says not everybody at Standing Rock

Standing Rock Chairman Backing Off Criticism of Law Enforcement After #NoDAPL Riot UPDATE: Not So Much

UPDATE: It seems like the comments Archambault gave the Tribune were misleading. He’s now saying the tribe may sue the state over law enforcement tactics. After a riot earlier this week which saw #NoDAPL protesters light fires, throw rocks, and apparently fire at least one weapon at law enforcement officers Standing Rock Sioux tribal Chairman David

Standing Rock Says Cops Committed “Acts of Violence Against Innocent, Prayerful People” as #NoDAPL Arrests Hit 387

According to a press release from the Morton Count Sheriff’s Department (see below) the final tally after yesterday’s #NoDAPL riot was 141 arrests, mostly for “conspiracy to endanger by fire/explosion, engaging in a riot and maintaining a public nuisance.” By my unofficial count, that brings the total number of arrests since early August up to

#NoDAPL Protester Arrested for Firing a Weapon at Police Line UPDATE: Multiple Incidents, One Injured

Perhaps the ugliest incidents in an ugly day of #NoDAPL protesters rioting. This is breaking news. There are apparently two incidents, with a woman apparently under arrest for one of them. At what point is this rioting going to grow violent enough for tribal Chairman David Archambault – who spent the day in New York

Where Was Chairman Archambault Today While #NoDAPL Protesters Rioted?

As much as anyone, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman David Archambault stands a the genesis of the #NoDAPL protests. It was his call earlier this year for other tribes and environmental activists to join his people here in North Dakota which sparked the movement. Yet today was one of the ugliest days of protesting to date,

#NoDAPL Protesters Trying to Make “Something Bad” Happen to Get Attention?

“I’m here to die if I have to. I don’t want to die but I will.” Those are the words of Didi Banerji, one of the #NoDAPL protesters participating in an illegal roadblock of Highway 1806 and an equally illegal nearby encampment on private land. It seems the protesters are readying themselves to be cannon