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Audio: ND Indian Affairs Commish Says It’s “Unfortunate” That Some Are Staying in #NoDAPL Camps

Audio: ND Indian Affairs Commish Says It’s “Unfortunate” That Some Are Staying in #NoDAPL Camps

On my radio show today I had on Scott Davis, North Dakota’s Commissioner for Indian Affairs. Scott is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and helped coordinate the recent meeting between Governor Jack Dalrymple, Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault, and five other members of the tribe’s council. He also attended the meeting. “It

Standing Rock Chairman Tells Governor #NoDAPL Protest Camps May Be Empty by January 1

Governor Jack Dalrymple’s office has sent out a press release today detailing a meeting between the governor and Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman David Archambault. According to the release the meeting was attended by five other members of the Standing Rock tribal council as well as Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, North Dakota Indian Affairs Director Scott

Video: #NoDAPL Tribal Leader Says “That Pipeline Had Every Right to Go Through”

This quote from Standing Rock Sioux chairman David Archambault is from a couple of days ago, but a reader just flagged it for me today. I’m posting it now because it is a very, very interesting comment. For context, the KFYR article is about the #NoDAPL protest camps getting news that the U.S. Army Corps

Video: Standing Rock Chair Tells #NoDAPL Protesters to Go Home, Warns Them Against Further Violence

I wrote earlier today about Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman David Archambault telling #NoDAPL protesters that it’s time to go home, but this evening a video has been released with a full message from the chairman and it’s pretty interesting. First, it’s interesting that Archambault feels he needs to warn the protesters against further acts

#NoDAPL Environmentalists Trash the Land They’re Camping on While Feds Look the Other Way

The #NoDAPL protesters, supposedly a group of environmentalists out to defend the Earth from an evil pipeline company, are destroying the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land they’re camping on. Even Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault expressed concerns about this in an interview with Vice last month. “We’re no different than the oil company, if

Native Americans Getting Fed up With White Hippies Treating #NoDAPL Protest Like a Festival

The #NoDAPL protests have been billed as an uprising of America’s indigenous peoples, but it can be hard to tell that sometimes given all the white left-wing activists who have joined the cause. Last week when I interviewed the deputy who has been working at the #NoDAPL riots he said some of the protesters were

Congressman Cramer: Eviction Notice to #NoDAPL Camps Was Delayed for Weeks by the White House

Yesterday the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dropped a holiday weekend surprise on the contentious battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline. The federal agency told protesters they have until December 5 to move off Corps land they’ve been camping on. Those camps have been a major bone of contention throughout this process. They were established

Photos and Video: Standing Rock Chairman Shops at Mall Just Before Dozens of #NoDAPL Protesters Get Arrested There

For months now critics of the #NoDAPL movement such as myself have been arguing that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe is little more than a figurehead for environmental extremists in their larger fight against oil development. Today allow me to juxtapose two incidents which illustrate the point. The first is the #NoDAPL movement’s on-going war

Standing Rock Sets Aside Money for Lawsuit Against Cops Over Response to #NoDAPL Protests

Over the weekend hundreds rallied at the state capitol in support of the cops who have responded to the #NoDAPL protests in south central North Dakota. The cops have been drug through the mud by protesters and certain members of the media willing to credulously regurgitate their often wild and baseless claims. But at the

Shares for Dakota Access Pipeline Company up 15 Percent After Donald Trump Win

Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he is definitely not going to be as hostile to the development of fossil fuel resources as Barack Obama has been, or Hillary Clinton would have been. As evidence in support of that point, the shares for the company trying to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline here in