#NoDAPL Protester Arrested for Firing a Weapon at Police Line UPDATE: Multiple Incidents, One Injured


Perhaps the ugliest incidents in an ugly day of #NoDAPL protesters rioting.

This is breaking news. There are apparently two incidents, with a woman apparently under arrest for one of them.

At what point is this rioting going to grow violent enough for tribal Chairman David Archambault – who spent the day in New York City and not here in North Dakota leading his people – to condemn?

When has there been enough violence, and enough unlawful activity, for him to ask the extreme factions of his protest movement to leave?

Update: According to the Bismarck Tribune the second shooting was at Backwater Bridge and involved an injury:

Shots are reported to have been fired at Backwater Bridge in Morton County, according to the sheriff’s departments’s Facebook page.

One person was injured, according to the sheriff’s department.

No law enforcement were involved in the shooting.

UPDATE: Another update via email from Cecily Fong at the ND Department of Emergency Services. In a separate email, Fong added that the individual in incident #1 described below was himself carrying a weapon.

We have received reports of several incidents involving firearms.

1) Situation involved a private individual who was run off the road by protestors. The victim was shot in the hand and is being treated. An investigation in underway. No law enforcement was involved with this shooting.
2) At the front line on Highway 1806, a woman who was being placed under arrest, pulled a .38 caliber revolver and fired three shots at law enforcement, narrowly missing a sheriff’s deputy. She was taken into custody with no shots fired by law enforcement.
3) Ten shots were reported in the area. It’s possible it is local hunters. This incident is under investigation.

UPDATE: This just in, again from the NDDES:

Protestors have started two fires on the Backwater Bridge and are throwing Molotov Cocktails at law enforcement.

UPDATE: More from Morton County: