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Audio: Rep. Kevin Cramer Says Obama Has “Enabled” and Is “Encouraging” #NoDAPL Rioting

Audio: Rep. Kevin Cramer Says Obama Has “Enabled” and Is “Encouraging” #NoDAPL Rioting

On my radio show yesterday Congressman Kevin Cramer suggested that, in delaying construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Obama administration has “enabled” and is “encouraging” what he described as “rioting” by #NoDAPL protesters. Earlier this year, despite a federal court ruling in favor of the pipeline, the Obama administration held back an easement for

Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault Is Losing Credibility by the Day in the #NoDAPL Fight

It’s getting harder and harder to take seriously any of the claims coming from the #NoDAPL protesters, up to and including the figurehead of the movement Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman David Archambault. We keep hearing claims from the protesters which turn out to be gross exaggerations, at best, or flat out fabrications at worse.

Video: This Is What Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault Did to Get Himself Arrested

Because they’re losing the legal and policy debate over the Dakota Access Pipeline, the network of tribal leaders and environmental activists who make up the #NoDAPL movement have taken to dragging the State of North Dakota’s leaders and law enforcement through the mud. (The PR firm handling the media for Standing Rock has actually been

#NoDAPL Protesters Finally Decide to Close Down Unlawful Camps?

One of the great ironies of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline is that the protesters expect the pipeline company and law enforcement to follow the law exactingly. They and their activist lawyers are ready to file suit over any perceived deviation from regulation or policy. Yet the protesters themselves regularly flout the law,

Chairman Archambault Is Not in Control of the #NoDAPL Protests

Earlier this week a bit of a war of words erupted between Governor Jack Dalrymple and Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman David Archambault. It started when Dalrymple said Archambault admitted to him that he’d lost control of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. “I have spoken with him regularly and it’s clear that he has

Letter Describes “Peaceful” #NoDAPL Protesters Harassing Special Education Teacher

The antics of the protesters working to obstruct the Dakota Access Pipeline have taken a sharp turn from obnoxious and annoying to downright ridiculous and indefensible. Case in point, this letter to Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler from Burleigh County Special Education Unit Director Barry Chathams describing harassment some of his teachers have faced

Audio: ND Gov Jack Dalrymple Says Standing Rock Chairman Told Him He’s “No Longer in Control” in Protest Camp

For some time now, as we’ve watched the attacks from activists on the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline intensify, I’ve heard that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe which organized the original protest had lost control. In fact an anti-pipeline activist who left the #NoDAPL protest camps, complaining of “lawlessness” there, told me there were

Video: Standing Rock Chairman Addresses UN Human Rights Commission in Switzerland

You can watch the full video below. “Our lives and our rights are threatened by Energy Transfer Partners,” Standing Rock Sioux chairman David Archambault told the commission. “This company has shown total disregard for our rights and our sacred sites.” Of course, this statement stands in direct contradiction to the findings of Obama-appointed federal Judge

Irony: Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Organizing Anti-Oil Dakota Access Pipeline Protest…Owns a Gas Station

A federal judge is set to rule at some point today on a motion filed by the Standing Rock Sioux tribe to block the Dakota Access Pipeline, and North Dakota officials are bracing for what could be a violent reaction from protesters organized by the tribe in southern North Dakota. Protesters organized near a convenience