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On Television: DPI Spokesman Apologizes For Behavior On Common Core Issue

On Television: DPI Spokesman Apologizes For Behavior On Common Core Issue

Last night Department of Public Instruction spokesman Dale Wetzel appeared on 6:30 Point of View with Chris Berg and apologized for his handling of the Common Core issue, including emails sent out from a Gmail account he started an a combative interview he gave on the Jay Thomas Show. At one point he told Berg

DPI Spokesman Mocks Common Core Critics As "Tiny Tribe" In Emails Not Turned Over As Open Records

Last week Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler apologized during an interview with me for her office’s handling of the Common Core issue. The apology came after it was revealed that a spokesman for her department, former Associated Press reporter Dale Wetzel, had been using an anonymous email to send information attacking Common Core critic

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Audio: Superintendent Kirsten Baesler Apologizes For Attacks On Common Core Critic

As I wrote earlier this week, the Common Core debate in North Dakota has become pretty ugly and while both sides of the issue share some blame, Superintendent of Public Schools Kirsten Baesler took responsibility for a member of her staff putting gas on the fire during an interview with me yesterday while I was

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Superintendent Kirsten Baesler Didn't Tell Me The Truth About Common Core Emails

Yesterday, after receiving a number of emails about it, I posted the audio of DPI spokesman Dale Wetzel appearing on the Jay Thomas Show. Many opponents of Common Core felt that Wetzel’s demeanor during the interview wad needlessly condescending to their side, and to be sure Wetzel was pretty blunt in his criticisms of Common Core critics including Dr.

North Dakota's Common Core Debate Gets Ugly

Advocates looking to stop common core in North Dakota recently invited Dr. Duke Pesta, a homeschooling advocate, to the state to talk about the issue. Update: Superintendent Baesler called me this evening to say that her office has not sent out anything critical of Pesta from DPI and that her department deals with facts and

Two North Dakotans Named Best State-Based Political Reporters By The Washington Post

The Washington Post has selected the best state-based political reporters in the country, and two names got picked from North Dakota. The first is long-time Associated Press reporter Dale Wetzel who last year joined a new media venture at the Great Plains Examiner in addition to hosting a radio show. The other is, uh, me.

Democrat Legislator Admits That Drone Bill Opponents Aren't Concerned With Privacy

On the Legislature Today radio program last night host Dale Wetzel had on Rep. Rick Becker – who is sponsoring legislation to require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using surveillance drones in a criminal investigation – and state Senator Carolyn Nelson who opposes that legislation. You can listen to the entire interview here,