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DPI Spokesman Calls State Auditor “Unprofessional” and “Ridiculous” While Defending School Bus Inspection Language on Website

DPI Spokesman Calls State Auditor “Unprofessional” and “Ridiculous” While Defending School Bus Inspection Language on Website

Yesterday state Auditor Josh Gallion’s office released a report focusing on the Department of Public Instruction and school bus inspections. “State Auditor Joshua Gallion today released an audit of the North Dakota Highway Patrol which shows from July 2016 through June 2018, the agency was not following internal policies for school bus inspections, was inaccurately

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North Dakota Superintendent Kirsten Baesler Officially Announces Re-Election Bid

It’s been a rough first term for North Dakota Superintendent Kirsten Baesler. After getting the NDGOP endorsement in 2012 (the parties endorse a candidate even though the office is officially non-partisan) she cruised to an easy victory over Tracy Potter with 55 percent of the vote. Since then, though, Baesler has had to navigate the

North Dakota Teacher Shortage May Not Be As Bad As Reported

“North Dakota’s shortage of teachers has gotten worse, with the highest number of unfilled posts in a decade, and a provision that would have allowed ‘community experts’ to take on educational roles appears to have failed,” the Associated Press reported earlier this week. The number cited by the AP and other media outlets for the

USDA Program Loophole Has Taxpayers Providing A "Free Lunch" For Pretty Much Everyone

The website for the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program states it “ensures that low-income children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.” But what if I told you that at 65 locations across the state – mostly at parks and churches – the taxpayers are feeding kids and even grownups regardless of

Health Gestapo Takes Aim At Fargo Culinary Students

At Fargo Davies High School in Fargo the students have a top-notch culinary class which runs, on a limited scale, a restaurant for students and the public. They were just profiled in the Fargo Forum, as a matter of fact. But recently these students learned that they were going to have to curtail their cooking excellence.

Bismarck Schools Sent Police To Home Of Alleged Kirsten Baesler Victim

Last night I appeared on Chris Berg’s 6:30 Point of View program on Valley News Live in Fargo to discuss the arrest of Superintendent Kirsten Baesler for allegedly assaulting her fiancee. My segment was basically a review of what I’ve reported here on the blog so far. [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]Tschosik was honored

Superintendent Kirsten Baesler Was On Official Business During Alleged Florida Assault

Earlier today I posted a police report from an alleged domestic violence incident in Florida between Superintendent Kirsten Baesler and her fiancee Todd Tschosik. The details of the incident aren’t pretty – Baesler and one of her sons allege that Tschosik was “straddling” her in bed with his hands around her neck  (full police report

AG Finds Department Of Public Instruction Broke Open Records Law With Anti-Common Core Emails

I’m back from vacation (we had a lovely time in Montana, Idaho and Washington), and while I was gone Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s office issued an opinion on another open records complaint I filed against the Department of Public Instruction. You can read the full opinion below. I had requested emails sent by DPI spokesman

DPI Spokesman Says He Didn't Disclose Common Core Emails Because He Assumed Requester Already Had Them

Back in May I wrote a story about Department of Public Instruction spokesman Dale Wetzel mocking critics of Common Core policy in emails he failed to turn over to an open records request. Wetzel had been using an anonymous Gmail address – north.dakota.schools@gmail.com – for disseminate information critical of anti-Common Core activist Duke Pesta who

ND Attorney General Rules That Schools Trust Fund Can't Be Used For School Buildings

With North Dakota’s population booming, and with property taxes a perennial source of rancor for citizens, some have wondered why we can’t use the Common Schools Trust Fund (which has over $2.7 billion sitting in it as of December of last year) to finance some of our new school expenses. Like new buildings and the